Frequently Asked Questions

You bet! All of our 32 oz Cold-Brew Concentrates and 10 oz Ready-To-Drink Cold-Brews are certified organic. (They are also vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free!)

Our products can be found in your favorite retailers nationwide including Whole Foods, Target, Sprouts, and certain natural grocers. Need help finding it near you? Check out the store locator on our website:

Great question! In a nutshell, hot coffee is made by taking coffee ground and dripping boiling water over it, whereas cold-brew is mixing coffee grounds with ambient temperature water over a long period of time to produce a smoother, bolder (more caffeinated!) brew. We have lots more detail on our Cold-Brew 101 page here:

Concentrates are (you guessed it!) are concentrated and meant to be diluted so you can customize the strength, flavor, and caffeine content of your brew. The great thing about this is that one 32 oz bottle makes up to 64 oz of cold-brew. Our ready-to-drink bottles on the other hand are ready to drink straight! More info on this can be found at:

In addition to being sold in retailers nationwide, you can buy Chameleon on Instacart to be picked up at your closest store and delivered right to your door! (Hello, convenience!)

Yes! Our organic brew doesn’t contain any preservatives and should be kept in your fridge until enjoyed. (Afterall, cold-brew likes to stay cold!)

Our chameleon’s name is “The Dude”, and contrary to popular belief, chameleons actually change color depending on their mood, not their environment. And we think your coffee should change with every mood too! “How do you color your coffee” was one of our first taglines back in 2010, and we’ve been championing for customizing your coffee as bright, bold, light, or dark as you want ever since!