Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Chameleon Coffee Community Partner Program

This five year project will aim to improve the lives of 400 coffee producing families within our coffee supply chain by increasing coffee production, offering technical assistance and farm renovation and helping families grow their own organic vegetables and prepare food safely.

Myaing, Myanmar

Myanmar Organic Agriculture Initiative

We are co-funding the organic certification fees for two women led co-ops in Myanmar that are passionate about growing organic coffee. Chameleon has also committed to buying all coffee from their first year of harvest.

Tolima, Colombia


Chameleon is committed to supporting the farming communities in Tolima, Colombia by establishing a coffee quality lab and providing sensory training to improve the quality of the coffee long-term in a post-conflict zone.

Sumatra, Indonesia

Women-Run Organic Cooperative

Chameleon has committed to purchasing the very first export of over 42,000 lbs of coffee from a newly formed, women-run organic cooperative.

San Ignacio, Peru

Cenfrocafe Coffee Quality Lab

The newly constructed Coffee Quality lab in Peru features specialized equipment and a formally trained Q-Grader, who will be able to evaluate coffee quality and provide real-time feedback to farmers throughout the growing and harvesting season, ultimately improving the value proposition for the farming community.

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