How to Make Pour Over Coffee

Hands clink a bottle and glass of Chameleon Cold-Brew.

Your Guide to Pour-Over

Perfect the art of the Pour-Over with these simple steps.


Want more or less coffee? Adjust water and coffee using this no-fail ratio: For every 6 fl oz of filtered water, add 2 tbsp of coffee.


  • 2tbsp (16g) medium ground Chameleon Whole Bean Coffee

  • 12 fl oz boiling filtered water


  1. Choose the right grind. For Pour-Overs use medium-coarse grind, roughly the size of dark brown sugar. Learn more about ideal grind sizes for brewing here.
  2. Next, place the filter in the brewer then add coffee grounds.
  3. Pour 3 fl oz water evenly over grounds then stir quickly for 10 seconds to agitate.
  4. Slowly pour remaining 9 fl oz water over grounds. It should take about 3 minutes.
  5. Remove brewer and serve!

Makes one 10 fl oz cup

*Hot Tip: For added convenience, try using our Ground Beans instead.

Note: To get 4 tbsp medium ground coffee, you will need to grind a generous 1/4 cup of whole beans

Brewin' Alright?

Fill your cup with carefully crafted, organic coffee. Our whole bean and ground coffee comes in a range of roasts. Pick a bean and a brew type and curate your cup anyway you please.

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