How to Make Drip Coffee 2

Hands clink a bottle and glass of Chameleon Cold-Brew.

Your Guide to Drip Coffee

Master this simple brew method with easy to follow tips.

Automatic Drip Machine

Since you may want to brew more or less than this recipe yields here’s a no-fail ratio for you to follow. For every 6 fl oz of filtered water you use, add 2 tbsp ground coffee to your brewer.


  • 16 tbsp (64g) medium or medium-fine ground Chameleon Whole Bean Coffee*

  • 48 fl oz filtered water


  1. Choose the right grind. For a flat-bottom filter, grind your beans to a medium coarseness. For a cone-bottom filter, grind them a little finer. Learn more about appropriate grind size here.
  2. Next, place the filter in the brewer and add the coffee grounds.
  3. Fill the brewer tank with cold water.
  4. Hit the brew button.
  5. Serve!

Makes about six 8 fl oz cups

*Hot Tip: For added convenience, try using our Ground Beans instead.

Note: For 16 tbsp of coarsely ground coffee, you will need 2/3 cup of whole beans.

Brewin' Alright?

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